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What photographers say:

“While I‘m out on a shoot I want to fully concentrate on bringing my creative vision to life. So having a lightbouncer that is super easy to use is huge advantage for me.”

David Haase
Photographer and Director —

“Wow – it‘s sooo much faster. Extremely quick setup and changing a screen within seconds is a big advantage for me in terms of usability and versatility!”

Jonas Werner-Hohensee
Photographer —

“The lightbouncer pro from voto® is the perfect size for easy handling – especially on a busy set this is super important and saves a lot of time. The system is really lightweight and can therefore be used easily and quickly even on crowded locations where space is scarce. The click system is great and saves us a lot of work when preparing equipment for production.”

Photo & Film Production Studio —

“Awesome lightweight and easy-to-use reflector. Customers will love the quick setup and the durability of the system due to the high quality materials.”

Band Pro Munich GmbH, Film & Video Production Experts
Christian Anderson, Senior Sales Manager —

“First impression is great. Set up only took a few seconds without any instructions, solid build quality and a good size for transport and handling.”

Pille Film, Film & Video Equipment Rental
Fabian Hübner —

“voto is an extremely valuable and time-saving tool for shoots where you have to react quickly. Especially outdoors, the stability with low weight has proven to be a huge advantage even in windy weather.”

Frauke Bönsch
Photographer & Studio-Owner —
@frauke_boensch @naheundfern

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What‘s in the box

2x Easy-Mount Handles

You‘ll get 2 lightweight carbon fiber handles equipped with our Easy-Mount System for super fast assembly even in sandy conditions.

voto® lightbouncer pro Carbon Handles

2x Easy-Mount Frame

The lightweight carbon fiber Easy-Mount Frame is equipped with our Quick-Zip System. With that changing a screen is done in no time.

voto® lightbouncer pro Quick-Zip Screen Changer

1x Quick-Zip Screen

Every voto® lightbouncer pro comes with one high quality quick-zip-screen of your choice. Have a look at the wide range of our voto® quick-zip-screens.

Our Screens
Screen/Fabric Diffusion

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Hard Facts

Weight & Size

The size and weight of our voto® lightbouncer pro fits comfortably into your luggage.

voto lightbouncer pro illustrationvoto lightbouncer pro illustrationvoto lightbouncer pro illustration

High-Quality Carbon Features

We use the same carbon fiber material, that is used in Formula-E cars. So carbon fiber has many great features that make it one of the best materials to use when it comes to heavy duty equipment that is meant to last.
Check it out:

resistant to UVresistant to heatresistant to acid rainresistant to salt waterresistant to harsh detergentsresistant to fuel and oil

Resistant to UV / Heat / Acid Rain / Sea-Water / Detergents / Fuels & Oils
While plastic frames bleach out and become porous, carbon fiber is resistant to environmental influences.

Ultra lightweight and rigid

Other than aluminum, carbon fiber is an ultra lightweight material that stays in shape even after a heavy load. In other words: it‘s easy to hold and transport and will provide you always with almost wrinkle-free screens.

Other Products
Aluminium bends


  • icon problem

    Bends easily under load

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    Irreversible bending

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    Heavy for prolonged use

Voto® lightbouncer pro
Carbon stays in shape

Carbon fiber

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    Super rigid composite material

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    Dimensional stable after heavy load

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    Ultra lightweight material

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