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11 benefits why you want a
voto® lightbouncer pro

Explore the benefits of our voto® lightbouncer pro and
find out what‘s special about it.

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Benefit 1
Capture the Moment
Never miss your perfect shot again.

Benefit 2

Carbon Fiber Frame

Our Super-Sturdy Carbon Fiber Frame always stays in shape, resulting in almost Winkle-Free Screens.

Benefit 3

Super Fast


With the Easy-Mount and Quick-Zip System you are ready to shoot in seconds.

Benefit 4


Just 4 clicks and you are ready to shoot.
Or packed up again. No briefing needed.
Works flawlessly even in sandy conditions.

Benefit 5



Change your screens from gold to zebra to diffuse in no time with our Quick-Zip System.

Benefit 6

Wrinkle-Free Screen

With our one of a kind screen tightening system, your screens will be almost wrinkle-free.

Benefit 7

Best Friend

You don‘t need a manual to mount the parts or change a fabric. It‘s super easy.

Benefit 8


Our Screens are f-STOP-accurate.

voto® lightbouncer pro super lightweight

Benefit 9

Carbon Fiber Frame

Our Carbon Fiber Frame is super lightweight. You can even tape it onto a wall. Or hold it with just one hand over your head easily.

resistant to acid rainresistant to harsh detergentsresistant to salt waterresistant to fuel and oilresistant to heatresistant to UV

Benefit 10

Super Durable

Carbon is a super robust, durable material. Heat, ice, salt-water,
UV-radiation, oil or harsh detergents won‘t do anything to it.

Benefit 11


voto® lightbouncer pro is compatible with all the rigging standards. You don‘t need to buy new clamps to mount it.

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Our Quality Standards

Icon Hassle Free Guarantee

Hassle-Free Guarantee

If something breaks by accident,
we send you a free spare-part.
No questions asked.

Icon Made in Germany

Manufactured in Germany

Every voto® lightbouncer pro is designed and manufactured in Germany. Our screens are sewn by hand and attached to our carbon frames locally in Bavaria.

voto lightbouncer pro works fine in action outdoor
voto® lightbouncer pro easy mount frame
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voto® lightbouncer pro in action outdoor
voto lightbouncer pro works fine in action outdoorvoto lightbouncer pro works fine in action indoor / photo studio

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